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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Jazzrock (??!) Masterpiece

Maledetti holds all of the elements that make Area such a hair raising listening experience.All of the Area elements are intact;from the Mediterranean sonic fusion,rhythmic assaults that leave one breathless,to newer elements of African rhythmic percussion via Paul Lytton,hot jazz elements courtesy of Steve Lacy,and a classical music overture with the aid of a string quartet, making Maledetti a monster in the Area catalog.
Along with Ares Tavolazzi on bass and keyboard genius Patrizio Fariselli,Demetrios Stratos has never sounded better with his vocal intonations.Starting off with "Evaporazione" we hear Stratos running back and forth spouting some Italian nonsense which ends abruptly with him screaming "Ladies and Gentlemen",leading to "Diforisma Urbano":a glorious glide of rhythmic keyboard mayhem that breaks with a keyboard run halfway through and Stratos vocalizing like never before."Gerontocrazia" contains one of Stratos's most incredible vocal workouts. f I had to pick one track that was most representative of Demetrios's style of singing this would be it, minus the yodeling inflections."Scum" is one of those tracks that will have you reaching out and pulling your old Monk and Bud Powell recordings and dust them off for a second listen.
Side two:enter the string quartet with a Bach concerto,magnificent in it's own right,and into "Giro, Giro, Tondo". Damn this is incredible from Stratos! So full of emotion and energy,many vocalist could take lessons from listening to this!Patrizio Fariselli shines like the brightest beacon in a dark harbor with his keyboard work which makes this one my all time favorite Area tracks. And ending Maledetti is "Caos",a workout of structures of insanity guided by no one.This is a masterpiece from one of the most innovative and exciting groups to have ever graced these shores and ears.They don't make em like this anymore!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, thanks! I highly recommend the Akarma-released box of four of their other albums, and Demetrios Stratos's weird solo vocal stuff is definitely worth hearing... I think there might be a bit of it at ubu.com ... thanks again!

11:22 PM  
Blogger funkygrooves said...

Paul Lytton and Steve Lacy as guest artists? Amazing. I was fortunate to have seen Steve Lacy play live, many times.

Thank you.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been curious about area for a long time. thank you!

9:31 PM  

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