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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


His First Acoustic Instrumental Solo Album

Pierre Bensusan has a reputation as something of an innovator in the field of solo acoustic guitar,including his use of the DADGAD tuning system,and his experimentation with electronics such as delays,distortions and volume pedals,which have been largely abandoned on recent tours.Stylistically,his playing exhibits remarkable dynamics and tone control,usually to be found only in the playing of high-profile classical guitarists.The sophisticated,highly syncopated bass lines incorporated into his counterpoint arrangements also set him apart form the main host of contemporary fingerstyle players.His unique style of scat-singing more than makes up for in warmth,inventiveness and charm what it lacks in technical ability and he has continued to work this semi-improvised style into his compositions,both pre-composed and improvised.He has collaborated extensively with saxophonist Didier Malherbe,but today his tours are largely solo.

Beautiful and captivating,Intuite is his first entirely solo acoustic instrumental album and his first new studio recording in eight years.

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Blogger gentleforce said...

thanks for so many great amazing albums, you put up so many albums on here its hard to keep up!

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