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Monday, September 04, 2006


Tremendous Unreleased Album - Live in Studio

File under : Italian Canterbury-Rock?!!

Picchio Dal Pozzo are considered to be one of the very few "Canterbury" inspired bands that emerged from Italy's fertile 1970's progressive rock musical scene.The sextet known as "Picchio dal Pozzo" surges forth via romantically melodic overtones, swiftly implemented time signatures and jazzy interplay in concert with the proverbial peaks,valleys,knotty twists and circuitous turns."They're a must for all those enamoured of both Italian prog as well as the Canterbury music scene.Essential for their fans,as well as fans of groups like Caravan,Hatfield & The North,Henry Cow,Soft Machine & Frank Zappa.They released two highly regarded - and highly sought after - albums during their lifetime. The exciting release of Camere Zimmer Rooms, a previously unknown studio recording of all unreleased compositions, extends their legacy greatly! The band formed in Genoa in 1972. They released their first, self-titled album in 1975. The band recorded their second LP " Abbiamo Tutti i Suoi Problemi" in 1980.Shortly after this release, the band dissolved.But, back in 1977, with their first earnings as a band, Picchio decided to buy their first sound reinforcement equipment to use for touring.To check out the equipment, the band decided to set up a live concert in studio for some friends and record it.The result is the tapes that now make up Camere Zimmer Rooms.While never originally intended for release,the band now feels that it is indeed the most faithful recording of Picchio dal Pozzo's music and mood.One of the first things that even the casual listener will discover is that Camere Zimmer Rooms does not sound like a live-in-the-studio recording. Using the full extent of the large band and pre-recorded tapes of things like natural sounds, factory noises, radio-advertising collages and other manipulated material,that were triggered by the various members of the band,the sound is indeed very close to a studio recording that would be filled with overdubbing.This is a fantastic album that has remained in the shadows for too long. Highly recommended!

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Grrreattt Albummmm

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Great Album!

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Thank you for this!

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