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Wednesday, September 20, 2006



This is the word HGB uses to define its unique sound.Or perhaps more accurately,the band's decidely punk will-to-fail ethos,for their musicianship does not suck at all.A double album released in 1971 and purported to be the second-worst selling album in the history of Columbia records,"Music To Eat" stands alone in the rock canon,and understandably has become something of a cult favorite.The Hampton Grease Band was an American rock band,beginning as a blues-rock group in the late 1960s in Atlanta,Georgia.They performed with several major bands in this period,including Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers.The band gained a reputation for wacky stage antics.After the album's release the band signed to Frank Zappa's Bizarre/Straight label,but broke up in 1973.Several of the members went on to more renowned music careers,including Glenn Phillips' solo work and Bruce Hampton's work with the Aquarium Rescue Unit.Lead guitarist Harold Kelling died in May, 2005.He was the musical genius of the band.The Hampton Grease Band held their first reunion concert on June 2nd,2006,at the Variety Playhouse in Little 5 Points,Georgia,a commercial area in Atlanta.They played the "Music to Eat" album but also played some covers in their two encores,including an incendiary version of "Rock Around the Clock".This album is one of my US favs.
Highly Recommended.

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Blogger TBA said...

Yer killin' me! I was just buring this album this afternoon to put up tonight. Beaten to the punch again! I love this stuff - once you get past the novelty factor of the vocals (borderline annoying, really), you notice that the instrumental work is about as advanced as it comes. Very Zappa / Beefheart in its approach to rhythm, but less overtly cerebral. Great shite.

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! Been looking for it for a while. Look forward to hearing it.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous loxwoodlop said...

Yet another great album that I had completely forgotten about!

Thanks for the post.


11:48 PM  
Anonymous num drum said...

Just heard the first disc so far. Incredible! Specially 'Halifax'. Just goes to show that there's some fab stuff out there that most people will never hear. Great choice.

10:09 PM  

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