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Monday, September 18, 2006


ProgFolkPsych (!??)

Basque progressive folk of the label Elkar,HAIZEA were a five-piece from the Basque area of Spain.Sporting a sound that could best be described as psychedelic electric folk,the instrumentation consists of guitar (sometimes two),bass,drums,flute,assorted percussive things,and the captivating voice of Amaia Zubiria.Both albums are very interesting."Hontz Gaua" is a classic prog free folk item with some Gregorian element,nice female (second male) vocals and beautiful atmospheric double bass."Haizea" is a bit more intimate.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very excited to hear this, Basque psych is new to me, thanks! FWIW, there's an amazing Basque filmmaker named Jose Antonio Sistiaga who made a 70-minute long painted film, painting thousands and thousands of feet of 35mm film over the course of two years. It gets projected silent and widescreen through an anamorphic lens. Absolutely stunning.

9:05 AM  
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