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Friday, September 22, 2006


Houston Rural Psych

This is a solid LP.It's somewhere between acoustic west coast rock,late-period Beatles and Psychedelic Country-Rock (!!!).The songwriting is strong and reasonably ambitious,including a well-realized Kak-like suite on part of side two.The album has a fresh,summery feel to it.Originals (pressed on thick vinyl, in thick covers) come with a clever insert,an envelope that has some of the song lyrics written into letter form.The bass player of this band was in 1960's Austin band Bryan's Blokes,whose members would occasionally fill in for absent 13th Floor Elevators members on live gigs.A 5-piece band with some acid fuzz guitars,organ,mandolin, autoharp,pedal steel,bass,drums and male vocals.

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Anonymous neil said...

Glad to try this one I don't know, though I think I remember having read about it somewhere recently. Maybe in Acid Archives ?? Gonna check...

Thanks a lot for this & your brilliant & eclectic blog!!

See you.

11:48 PM  
Anonymous jörg said...

great music with one pearl,which shines more than all the other fantastic songs, it's 'the man from barnaby'!! thank you very much..

3:29 PM  
Anonymous JL said...

I remember the band Bryan's Bloke's from Austin in the mid to late 60's.

Anyone know of whatever became of them?????

10:38 PM  
Blogger TheSkyIsFalling said...

I came across this tonight and signed up just to comment.. Charlie (who sings and plays most the instruments) is my guitar teacher. He still lives in Austin, on a boat. He is a very bluesy guitar and bass player, and it is interesting hearing what he sounded like in the 70's, long before I was born. Anyways, thanks for the download!

5:36 AM  
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