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Monday, September 04, 2006


Wonderful mini-LP by David Michael Tibet,John Balance & Michael Cashmore,feat. Nick Saloman of Bevis Frond on guitar.

‘Lucifer over London’ is a rather strange EP from this band since there’s very little if any neo folk music to be found on it. Either way this 3 songs 27 minutes EP can only be described as pure genius. The title track begins rather oddly with the opening riff from Black Sabbath’s song ‘Paranoid.’ It then shifts into a fast paced rock-ish song with David Tibet’s excellent vocals & lyrics as well as some acoustic guitar in the background. At about five minutes and thirty seconds into the song it segues into much slower acoustic music accompanied with a lot of bells in the background. At the same time Tibet is reciting the words ‘six, six, six it makes us sick, were sick, sick, sick of six six six’ over and over again for the remaining two minutes of the song. It’s hard to fully describe this wonderful song, but its simply a must hear recording.
The second song ‘Sad Go Round’ is another rock-ish song that mostly features electric guitar and some of the best vocals I’ve heard from Tibet so far. The guitar in this song is just terrific and there’s even a great solo in the middle of the song. The first time I heard this song I must have hit the repeat button five times until I decided to move forward with the EP. This is a cover from the ‘The Groundhogs.’ The final song on this EP is just spectacular. The song is a mostly spoken word song that starts out rather slowly with some subtle ambiance and calm speaking from Tibet. As the songs progresses through its thirteen minutes it gradually becomes more lively and towards the end of the song the listener is treated to some fantastic guitar playing and more bells. The song is both chilling and spooky, but also beautiful and fairly sad. Easily one of Current 93’s best songs ever and an incredibly catchy song on top of it all.Although this EP is a bit different than what we’ve come to expect from Current 93 it is nonetheless a masterpiece. Each of the three songs are unbelievably catchy and you’ll find yourself starting the EP over and over again.

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