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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


A Violent Crimsonian Landscape

Bi Kyo Ran is one of the most important Japanese Progressive Rock bands.Forming in the '70s, the legendary Bi Kyo Ran played with the bristling energy,intensity and aggression of King Crimson mainly on the "Red" era,then alternately delicate and pastoral,with ample use of mellotron.The guitar sounds like a Fripp clone, although sometimes it gains a bit in originality. The music is very well executed, and to complete the picture,a violinist is also featured.They are still active and most recently released "Anthology Vol. 1",a re-recording and updating of their earliest and best tunes.It features guitarist and leader Kunio Suma and drummer Masaharu Sato. Dynamic and impressive. This is their first album.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi !
bikyoran official web site OPEN
please come in

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry but this link is dead... can u re-up plz T_T i've been searchin bi kyo ran music for a while now.. and now that i found it the link is dead T_T plz help me

6:29 AM  

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