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Thursday, September 21, 2006

ARC : ...AT THIS (UK'71)

Great Progressive Bluesrock

This progressive blues/rock album involved some former members of Skip Bifferty and is now a minor collectable.They formed the band in 1970 when Graham Bell joined Every Which Way but never really made a living on their own and later joined Graham Bell in Bell and Arc.Three parts Scottish and one part Australian their band now clearly stands up as a progressive rock outfit,but manages to avoid most of its pitfalls and the results are generally rather impressive.Most importantly they succeed in restraining themselves,without losing any emotional impact.They have the ability to write memorable tunes and arrange them well.The vocals are a strong point, often oddly harmonized and never overstated.Heavier tracks alternate with more poetic ones.All in all a very pleasant album to listen to.

Here's the Deal :
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Blogger Bilek said...

So sad, the link is already dead, before anyone managed to leave a comment :(

I already got the album elsewhere (a friendfromprogarchives sent me...) but there are some minor issues with it (i.e. the best track for me, "Hello Hello Monday" seems to be prematurely cut...) it will be great if you possibly re-upload it, or give another blog link if there is, because it is extremely hard to track it don through google!!! (so many irrelevant "arc"s throughout the blogs!)

I promise to write another comment in case my wish is fulfilled ;)

(even not, the info found here is valuable enough to me ;) )


12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've listened to my old copy of this album so many times that I'd almost gotten used to "Hello Hello Monday" abruptly cutting off at 5:52. As I'd seen complaints about the same before on the internet, I can only assume that pretty much all the versions floating around come from the same incomplete source. But, lo and behold, I recently ran across a copy of the track which was complete, albeit encoded at a lower bitrate, so I took the missing bits from that and grafted them onto the end of my existing version. Consequently, there will be a slight reduction in sound quality for the last minute or so of "Hello Hello Monday", but I'm proud to say that the edit itself is sonically invisible. So until somebody pops up with a pristine, complete vinyl rip or some enterprising label reissues this on CD (I'm assuming nobody has), this is probably as good as it gets. Enjoy!



4:12 PM  

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