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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Hard-Psych Monster

Recorded Live in Studio for a Radio Broadcast

This one is from San Diego,5 guys,on this album of heavy guitar psych released for the first time at the end of 1990's.Those Super Vox amps burning their sound onto this record.Powerful guitar led jamming long-hair rock in the tradition of Josefus,Demian and Blue Cheer.The cover is made by the same artist who did Butterfingers.A no-frills teenage hardrock blast cut live in studio afterhours at a radio station in San Diego in June 1970.No traces of flower power whatsoever as the remarkably tight band blows through their Ya-Ya's era Stones/Led Zep club set of ½ covers and ½ great originals.Vocalist is right on,lead guitarist won't quit,but the real show is the stunning interplay between the rhythm guy and the drummer.Perfect loud soundscape with 100% presence,the whole thing recalls Oda and the rootsier side of the Estes Bros.A future meat & potatoes hard rock classic.The band recorded several 45s and more material may be released.In the 1980s they resurfaced as popular combo the Beat Farmers.

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Blogger M said...

Okay Hard rock with slight Heavypsych edge..


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