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Tuesday, September 12, 2006




Daemon crawled from the burning pits in 1970,dragging blackened guitars across smouldering rock,smiling eerly as they ascended.On the seventh circle,in a flash of white,Daemon emerged.Guitars wailed.Angels wept.After much studio work Daemon,attempting social acceptance,adopted the name Bullet,later Hard Stuff,releasing some singles & two LPs.The tracks on this release were the first recorded by Daemon in 1970-1971.Daemon vanished mid-song on a stage in 1972.A sulphurous residue settled upon the hats of a gaping audience.Fire fell from the sky.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks APFAB! I'll wait for later day High Tide albums like Anceint Gates, Interesting Times, Precious Cargo etc. Thanks for Daemon too! Although it is same as Hard Stuff (same songs appear on Hard Stuff LPs).


9:28 AM  
Blogger sambson said...

As Gustafson points out in his August 2007 LET IT ROCK interview, the Daemon stuff never saw an official release, so when you find a set that claims to be just that...you have to throughly examine it. This group was supposed to be a post-Atomic Rooster / pre-Hard Stuff lineup that John Gustafson says he was never in. They were more than likely named after the 5 episode serial of a Doctor Who storyline; broadcast May 22–June 19, 1971. First off; this disc is titled DAEMON - THE ENTRANCE TO HELL 1971-1972, and has it's own 'authentic' cover. That is to say it was genuinely released in 2006 on Kissing Spell Records. The program is as follows:

1. Doors Open 0:08
2. Millionaire 6:06
3. No Witch At All 5:39
4. Taken Alive / Amyl Nitrate 3:15
5. Evil Maker 5:39
6. Entrance To Hell 4:30
7. The Orchestrator 3:27
8. Hell - Demonic Possession 10:08
9. Fortune's Told 3:32
10. Sinister Minister 3:34
11. Jam 1:40
12. Time Gambler 6:14
13. Monster In Paradise 4:37
14. Jay Time 2:53
15. Mr Longevity 4:39
16. Door Closes 0:07
17. Jam - The Provider 7:08
Total time: 67:13

One can quickly determine that he majority of this material was released as Hard Stuff on their BULLETPROOF album ...which means we're NOT talking about a different lineup. That is to say there is another band's album being bootlegged here! They all have the same titles as released on BULLETPROOF, except "Fortune's Told" which was released under the name "Hobo". These recordings are identical in their performance, with incredibly minor production variations. Nothing like 'more echo on the vocals', 'a new ending' or 'a previously unheard organ part'; we're talking about played through a different set of speakers. The EXACT same songs. In other words; go with the Hard Stuff album, and just add the few unreleased tracks as bonus material. This actually brings the whole 'Daemon session before Hard Stuff was formed' into question
as in; does it even exist?

Of this material, there are two 'sound effects' of a door opening and closing with tracks 1 & 16. So, only tracks 5,6,7,8,11,17 are 'new' material. But then we quickly decipher that "The Orchestrator" was the B-side to Hard Stuff's 1972 "Jay Time" single (a welcome addition, no doubt), which is obvious from the difference in the way it sounds compared to the tracks it's sandwiched between. These two tracks ("Entrance To Hell" and "Hell - Demonic Possession") are in-studio jams that are so loose they could be by anybody, and frankly; detract from the whole proceeding. There is another one of these in track 11, that's the best of these jams...but it doesn't approach the quality of the actual songs. That leaves the 7:08 long "Jam - The Provider"; which is actually the entire jam that the 1:53 "The Provider" on BULLETPROOF was taken from (another excellent addition). "Evil Maker" is the only track that remains, and it's a slow (nearly acoustic) Country influenced boogie number with stumbling drums and other indicators that this is a fledgling demo that needed work.

That leaves us with an excellent B-side and an unreleased complete studio take from the Hard Stuff sessions, three 'jams' that don't reveal anything (and hardly sound like the same group) and a slow boogie outtake that needed work (hence it's not being on the Hard Stuff album). My assessment: 1) there are only two tracks worth having 2) it's NOT Daemon and 3) sounds better elsewhere. Get this if you need the 2 good tracks, but definitely track down Hard Stuff's BULLETPROOF album if you want this material.

3:48 PM  

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